Designer Debuts Vegan Hunting Trophies

Designer Debuts Vegan Hunting Trophies

Israel-based designer Tzachi Nevo created a counter to cruel hunting trophies using just wood and imagination.


Israel-based brand Urban Masquerade recently debuted its newest collection “Vegan Wall Trophies.” The collection—designed by founder Tzachi Nevo—is a whimsical take on the cruel practice of collecting animal heads and mounting them as trophies. Nevo’s versions are made from wood and come in seven animal varieties—zebra, bull, fox, bear, lion, panda, and deer. “All of our animals are hand-painted,” Nevo says, “unique with their own character, and just like us humans, they have some imperfections—but that’s what makes them perfect.” Other designs from Urban Masquerade include a colorful collection of birds, cacti, Picasso-style pieces, and masks inspired by emojis.

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