Israeli Company Debuts Vegan Milk Chocolate Coins

Israeli Company Debuts Vegan Milk Chocolate Coins

Carmit swapped milk for cocoa butter to create its new creamy vegan chocolate coins, snack bars, and buttons.


Israeli private-label manufacturer Carmit Candy Industries recently debuted two vegan chocolate options. Carmit’s new vegan milk and white chocolate products—made with a combination of cocoa butter and soy flour—are available in three varieties: coins, snack bars, and buttons. “As experts in gluten-free and dairy-free confectionery, it was important for us to ‘break the code’ of vegan milk-style chocolate,” Carmit’s Vice President of International Sales and Marketing Adrian Sagman said. “Vegans and consumers who suffer from dairy allergies deserve a tasty chocolate snack.” While many vegan companies—such as Go Max Go Foods, Enjoy Life Foods, and No Whey Foods!, amongst others—have already developed consumer-facing milk and white chocolate products, Carmit’s new offerings will enable merchants (such as baking companies and retailers of private-labeled goods) to provide vegan treats. Another Israel-based company, Liteez, recently developed an innovative vegan sweetener that is shaped in the form of a meringue cookie, and will be available in the United States and Europe this October.

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