Israeli Company Debuts Vegan Milk Chocolate Coins

Carmit swapped milk for cocoa butter to create its new creamy vegan chocolate coins, snack bars, and buttons.


Israeli private-label manufacturer Carmit Candy Industries recently debuted two vegan chocolate options. Carmit’s new vegan milk and white chocolate products—made with a combination of cocoa butter and soy flour—are available in three varieties: coins, snack bars, and buttons. “As experts in gluten-free and dairy-free confectionery, it was important for us to ‘break the code’ of vegan milk-style chocolate,” Carmit’s Vice President of International Sales and Marketing Adrian Sagman said. “Vegans and consumers who suffer from dairy allergies deserve a tasty chocolate snack.” While many vegan companies—such as Go Max Go Foods, Enjoy Life Foods, and No Whey Foods!, amongst others—have already developed consumer-facing milk and white chocolate products, Carmit’s new offerings will enable merchants (such as baking companies and retailers of private-labeled goods) to provide vegan treats. Another Israel-based company, Liteez, recently developed an innovative vegan sweetener that is shaped in the form of a meringue cookie, and will be available in the United States and Europe this October.

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