Lisa Frank to Debut Nostalgic Vegan Makeup

Unicorn school supplies designer from the ’90s is back with cruelty-free cosmetics.


Cult classic school supplies designer Lisa Frank is slated to release a line of cruelty-free cosmetics. The fully vegan line is a collaboration between Frank and Glamour Dolls Makeup and will feature iconic imagery such as technicolor unicorns, dolphins, and bears. The makeup line will be Frank’s first venture into adult products and will include six products: a blush brush, lip balm, matte mousse, liquid liner, “Unicorn Lippie,” highlight powder, and vegan leather makeup bag. A campaign has been launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter—which has currently raised $50,000 more than its original goal—to allow potential customers to interact with final product development. Contributors will be able to vote on product names, pick shades, and get behind-the-scenes looks at how Glamour Dolls’ Jessica Romano—the lead makeup designer for the project—develops cruelty-free cosmetics. Vegan beauty brands have recently taken a creative turn with Storybook Cosmetics‘ release of wildly popular Harry Potter-themed makeup brushes and last year’s partnership between Sugarpill Cosmetics’ and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Kim Chi that resulted in the development of vegan doughnut-scented lipstick.

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