Model Devours 7 Pounds of Vegan Food in 22 Minutes

Nela Zisser eats a whole platter of tofu sandwiches, wraps, fries, and kimchi in record time.


New Zealand-born model and competitive eater Nela Zisser recently taped herself eating an entire platter of various vegan foods at her Auckland restaurant Tucks and Bao. The entire platter weighed 6.7 pounds and consisted of tofu bao sandwiches, lettuce wraps, fried tofu, French fries, and a side of kimchi—all of which Zisser ate in under 22 minutes, finishing the first tofu sandwich in just 33 seconds. Zisser saved the spicy kimchi for last and stated, “I don’t like kimchi very much.” While neither Zisser nor Tucks and Bao are vegan, her participation in this challenge indicates that plant-based food is becoming normalized in the often meat-heavy industry of competitive eating.