NYC Chain Adds Impossible Burger to Menu

The “bleeding” plant-based burger is now available at 43 international locations of fast-casual chain Bareburger.


New York-based fast-casual chain Bareburger introduced the plant-based Impossible Burger to its menu of customizable burgers at its 43 locations across the United States and in four other countries (including Japan, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and Germany). Bareburger CEO Euripides Pelekanos recently tasted the Impossible Burger—a patty that bleeds due to plant-based heme—and was highly impressed. “My first taste of the Impossible Burger was a surreal moment,” Pelekanos said. “A burger that was delicious, simple, clean and sustainable? I couldn’t believe it.” The Impossible Burger is available on the standard menu with Colby cheese, pickles, special sauce, and served on a Brioche bun—but customers will be able to order a customized vegan version by selecting the Impossible Burger patty (cooked rare, medium rare, medium well, or well-done) and choosing from several plant-based sauces, toppings, and bun options. The Impossible Burger—created by Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods—was first available at NYC restaurant Momofuku Nichi last year and expanded to three West Coast restaurants (Jardiniere and Cockscomb, both in San Francisco; and Crossroads in Los Angeles) last fall.

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