Think Tank to Focus on Plant-Protein

Think Tank to Focus on Plant-Protein

Global coalition Protein Challenge 2040 plans to tackle the inefficiency of animal agriculture through various climate-saving initiatives.


Nonprofit sustainability consulting firm Forum of the Future (FOF) recently created global coalition Protein 2040 Challenge. The initiative aims to develop solutions to feeding the growing global population—estimated to reach more than 9 billion by 2050—by encouraging collaboration between key businesses and NGOs in the animal, plant, and alternative protein (such as lab-grown meat) sectors. In its summary report, FOF identifies that animal sources of protein are destructive to the environment, and urges coalition members to focus on developing plant-based proteins to address sustainability challenges. “In the West, we consume far too much animal protein,” the report states, “and demand is also growing exponentially in developing countries, such as China and India.” The Protein 2040 Challenge lays out specific goals for achieving a better food system in the coming years, namely increasing the consumption of plant-based protein, reducing food waste, closing the protein nutrient gap between over-consuming countries and developing regions, and developing indigenous plants as protein sources, amongst others. While the initiative is not solely focused on innovation within the plant-based protein sphere, it is a comprehensive plan to move away from a global reliance on animal agriculture for protein. Current coalition members include meat alternatives company Quorn, chocolate giant The Hershey Company, and major retailer Target, amongst others.

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