TLC's Chilli Demands Vegan Options at Chili's

TLC’s Chilli Demands Vegan Options at Chili’s

The singer penned a letter to convince the restaurant chain to get on trend by offering more plant-based dishes.


Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas (of 90s girl group TLC fame) recently penned a letter to Wyman Roberts, CEO of Brinker International, the parent company of chain restaurant Chili’s Bar & Grille. The singer asked Roberts to update the chain restaurant’s menu “by adding exciting plant-based options, such as vegan chicken.” Thomas states that recent research shows that 38 percent of diners look for plant-based options when eating out. Thomas further pointed out that adding more vegan options to its menu would help Chili’s compete with restaurants such as Yard House—which now boasts an extensive vegan-friendly menu that features Gardein products. Currently, Chili’s offers vegetarian options but only certain sides are vegan. “What better way to win over new customers or cater to regular ones than by offering delicious and cruelty-free foods with a trademark Chili’s spin?” Thomas wrote. “I’d love to work with you to help introduce and promote this new menu option to the public.” In addition to Thomas, several celebrities including Pamela Anderson, Moby, and Evanna Lynch continue to use their fame to promote cruelty-free living.