Vegan Cheese-Slathered Mermaid Toast Goes Viral

Vegan Cheese-Slathered Mermaid Toast Goes Viral

Food stylist Adeline Waugh creates stunning, shareworthy toasts with the help of vegan cheese by Kite Hill.


Florida-based food stylist Adeline Waugh is behind the newest Instagram craze “Mermaid Toast.” Waught made the toast using vegan company Kite Hill’s almond-based cheese as a base that she transformed into various blue hues with the help of algae, which she then sprinkled with edible gold flakes for even more pizzazz. Waugh’s vegan creations aren’t limited to Mermaid Toast—the social media maven also created Unicorn Toast, a brightly colored version made with beet juice, blueberries, and green algae powder. “I just love being creative,” Waugh says, “and I wanted to create something new and unique to set myself apart from the countless other good Instagrams.” Vegan food sensations—including Australian cookbook author Sam Murphy’s widely shared vegan sushi bagel—have been exploding on social media recently proving that beautiful food can be cruelty-free.

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