Vegan Junk Food Bar to Open in Amsterdam in April

The munchies capital of the world will welcome a plant-based eatery, with burgers and fries galore.


Vegan Junk Food Bar is slated to open in Amsterdam at the end of April. Founder Edwin Streep went from vegetarian to vegan eight months ago and noticed a lack of satisfying vegan food options in the area. “Vegan is hot at the moment in Amsterdam, but there is no place like this,” Streep tells VegNews. “I am going to prove that the future is plant-based food, and it is really mouthwatering!” Streep’s concept is a burger bar where diners can choose from a variety of plant-based takes on comfort foods such as burgers, fries, croquettes, and more. Creative restaurateurs are launching new vegan concept eateries around the world, including the wildly popular Temple of Seitan—a vegan chicken shop that opened its doors to eager crowds in London last year.

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