Israeli Army Introduces Vegan Combat Rations

50,000 IDF soldiers can now enjoy vegan food packs that include hummus, tahini, beans, cocoa spread, halva, olives, and fruit.


The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) recently introduced new vegan combat rations to its 50,000 enlisted soldiers. The food packs include hummus, tahini, beans in tomato sauce, green olives, peas, halva, and canned fruit. “Our goal is to take care of each soldier’s personal needs,” the IDF said in a statement. IDF’s head of the food department Lieutenant Colonel Donna Steinfeld explained the rations took three years to develop and were created to meet a growing demand from soldiers for more nutritious foods. “This means food[s] that contain protein and iron,” Steinfeld said, “exactly what soldiers in the field need to give them strength.” In 2014, IDF began offering leather- and wool-free uniform options and began incorporating more plant-based food options at military mess halls in 2015.

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