New Vegan Falafel Joint Sells Out in Four Hours

New Vegan Falafel Joint Sells Out in Four Hours

Philly’s newest vegan restaurant Goldie—founded by famed Israeli chef Michael Solomonov—proves to be a big hit during opening weekend.


Vegan restaurant Goldie opened last weekend in Philadelphia and the crew sold out of most ingredients within four hours. The restaurant is the newest venture of famed chef Michael Solomonov (who also owns non-vegan restaurant Zahav) in partnership with business partner Steve Cook through their restaurant group CookNSolo. Goldie features a short menu that consists of refined Israeli dishes including falafel served in pita bread with a selection of sauces, a salad topped with falafel, three tahini-based shakes, and a selection of beverages. “We’ve always wanted to serve falafel in a place that could focus on just that,” Solomonov told food media outlet Tasting Table. Goldie joins the thriving vegan scene in Philadelphia, which includes mainstays such as vegan fine dining restaurant Vedge and the owners’ recently opened casual eatery Wiz Kid.

Photo courtesy of Michael Presico, Goldie

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