Playing the Lotto is Now a Win for Animals

Playing the Lotto is Now a Win for Animals

The UK Vegetarian Society launched the UK’s first Veggie Lotto where players vie for a £25,000 jackpot.


The UK Vegetarian Society (UKVS) recently launched the UK’s first Veggie Lotto. The lottery game is played online and participants can choose six numbers manually or through an automated “lucky dip” system. Each ticket costs £1 ($1.28)—50 percent of which is donated to benefit vegetarian education through the UKVS—and seven winners are chosen during every weekly drawing (the amount awarded to each is dependent on that week’s ticket sales). The holder of a ticket that matches all six numbers drawn—the odds of which are one in one million—on any given week will win £25,000 ($32,037). UKVS joined the Lotteries Council and through them donates to the Responsible Gambling Trust in an effort to minimize gambling-related harm. The game is open to UK residents over the age of 16 and the first drawing will take place on May 13.

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