Singer JoJo Goes Vegan

Singer JoJo Goes Vegan

The platinum musician first gave up dairy, then she transitioned to a vegan diet after learning about the inherent cruelty of animal agriculture.


In a recent interview with music media outlet Fault Magazine, Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque—known by her stage name “JoJo”—revealed that she has transitioned to a plant-based diet. The award-winning musician first gave up dairy to alleviate allergies and help fine-tune her voice. “I cut out dairy first, and then I started talking to my vegan friend and I started to feel what they told me about how when you eat animal products, you’re ingesting fear, death, and disease.” JoJo said, “I didn’t feel good about doing that anymore.” The singer says she is not a “perfect vegan” but does consume a fully plant-based diet. JoJo released her first single “Leave (Get Out)” at the age of 13, and recently re-entered the music world after a 10-year break with her 2016 album “Mad Love.” Fellow acclaimed musician Ellie Goulding also recently adopted a vegan diet and urged her fans to “just sack off meat” for the sake of the planet.

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