Unilever Adds More Vegan Mayo to Brand Portfolio

The food corporation acquires condiment brand Sir Kensington’s—the makers of the first aquafaba-based commercial vegan product Fabanaise.


Earlier this month, European food corporation Unilever announced its acquisition of New York-based condiment company Sir Kensington’s. The brand makes several condiments, including vegan mayonnaise Fabanaise—the first commercially available product made with “aquafaba” (or chickpea brine) which it launched last year. While the condiments category is stagnant for many brands, Sir Kensington’s marketing manager Allison Marchesani told media outlet Foodnavigator that the brand has been growing by double and triple digits since it was founded in 2010. “Working with Unilever will allow us to more rapidly expand distribution while holding true to our values as we help define the next generation of good food,” the company’s co-founder Scott Norton said. Unilever’s Vice President of Foods, North America Matthew McCarthy said the acquisition plays well into the corporation’s goals to “produce delicious food with less impact on the environment and promote nutritious cooking.” Unilever released its own vegan mayonnaise under its Hellman’s brand (known as Best Foods in some regions) last year shortly after dropping a lawsuit against vegan company Hampton Creek that alleged the labeling of its Just Mayo eggless product was misleading to consumers. Since then, several Unilever brands have taken a very vegan turn, including the ever-expanding line of Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream, Breyers’ new vegan ice cream offerings, and a new non-dairy gelato flavor from Talenti. Once the deal—which media outlet Bloomberg speculates will close for $140 million—is complete, Sir Kensington’s products will be available more widely at nationwide retailers such as Kroger and Wegmans.

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