WWE Wrestler is Vegan Because He “Gives a Damn”

Austin Aries dishes about his favorite vegan places to eat on the road, how his diet keeps him stronger in the ring, and why he went vegan for the animals.


In a recent interview with travel media outlet Marriott TRAVELER, WWE wrestler Daniel Solwold Jr. (known by his stage name “Austin Aries”) spoke about his vegan lifestyle. The wrestler said he chose to begin transitioning to veganism 16 years ago “because of health reasons and benefits, environmental benefits, and the compassion aspect of the animals,” then summarized his answer by simply stating he’s vegan “because I give a damn!” Aries revealed that he relies on plant-based protein powder to keep him strong in the ring, loves the plant-based culture in Austin, TX and Rome, Italy, and has learned how to order a vegan Big Mac at Japanese McDonald’s—by swapping a tomato for the beef patty, a request he says is looked down upon at US locations of the fast-food chain. Aries assures that animal products are not necessary to build muscle and that eating plant-based foods is budget-friendly. “There’s a misconception that it’s expensive to eat healthy,” Aries said, adding, “It’s expensive to eat conveniently.” Aries will be taking on English wrestler Adrian Neville to kick off the cruiserweight championship today at 7pm ET, during the anticipated event WrestleMania 33.

Photo courtesy of WWE

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