60k Students Fight On-Campus Slaughterhouse

Students at the Colorado State University band together against the construction of an on-campus meat processing facility funded by the world’s largest meat company.


A freshman at Colorado State University (CSU) launched a petition urging the school to halt its construction of an on-campus meat processing facility funded, in part, by the world’s largest meat company, JBS. “One of the main reasons that I chose to attend CSU is because of the school’s commitment to environmental sustainability,” Becca Bleil wrote in her petition. “Animal agriculture is a major contributor of greenhouse gases—opening a slaughterhouse on campus is a blatant violation of the university’s core commitment to work towards carbon neutrality.” Bleil said that if the facility is built, she and hundreds of other students will transfer to another school. Bleil is a member of student organization Rams Organizing for Animal Rights (ROAR) which has held protests against the meat facility advocating the message that “animal agriculture is a dying industry.” Last week, the school’s newspaper The Rocky Mountain Collegian published student Austin Joseph’s letter asking the school to consider investing in cellular agriculture research in lieu of animal agriculture—an industry he posed would soon be obsolete. Bleil’s petition has already received more than 60,000 signatures.