Brazilian Meat Scandal Execs Fined $70 Million

Seven executives from JBS—the world’s largest meat-producing company—entered a plea bargain last week after a raid uncovered rotten, acid-tainted meat at 21 of its facilities.


According to a notice to shareholders filed last week, seven executives from Brazilian company JBS—the world’s largest meat producer—and its parent entity J&F Investimentos, entered in a $70 million plea bargain with the federal public prosecutor’s office. A total of 21 JBS facilities, 30 employees, and 30 health officials were placed under investigation in March after a raid (called “Operation Weak Flesh”) uncovered that the company was bribing health officials to allow it to sell rotten meat altered with carcinogenic chemicals. As part of the plea bargain, JBS will cooperate with investigators to uncover the scope of its crimes—which may have ties to Brazilian president Michel Temer. The corrupt company recently donated $12 million to Colorado State University (CSU) for the purpose of building an on-campus slaughterhouse—the opening of which 60,000 CSU students are currently protesting.