CNN Says Germans are Leading Vegan Revolution

CNN Says Germans are Leading Vegan Revolution

Tremendous growth in new vegan products released in the traditionally meat-heavy country makes Germany a world leader in cruelty-free living.


In a recent feature, media outlet CNN posed that Germany is leading the way for a vegan revolution. Writer Meera Senthilingam justified her position by pointing to the exponential growth of vegan products being released in Germany—a whopping one out of 10 of all new products introduced in the country in 2015 were vegan. Senthilingam reveals that Germany launched 18-percent of all global vegan food products in 2016, mostly comprised of meat alternatives. Senthilingam turned to Thomas Sanders, emeritus professor of nutrition and dietetics at King’s College London, for insight about the growing trend. “Some of this stems from animal rights … and the green movement, (which) is very strong in Germany,” the professor noted. “I see a growth in ready meals that are vegan, or vegetarian, coming in,” Sanders said. “There will be a shift to plant-based eating among the more educated.”

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