Vegan Café to Replace Former Bison Farm

Pulse Café will bring non-dairy cheeses, plant-based pizzas, vegan soups, meat-free sandwiches, and pastries to a space that previously served mostly bison burgers.


This July, vegan eatery Pulse Café will replace former bison farm and restaurant Seven Sisters Bistro in Hadley, MA. The property was purchased by Keith Rehbein and Ted Crooker in 2015 in the hopes of transforming the space into a fully plant-based eatery. According to marketing director Diana Santos, the goal of Pulse Café is “to create a model to be fully alive” with whole food, plant-based foods—including dishes such as heirloom tomato bisque, corn chowder, Ethiopian red lentil soup, sweet corn tamales, and pizza made with non-dairy cheeses. For dessert, the café will serve a host of vegan pastries including cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, and raw pies. Nationwide, vegan eateries are replacing formerly meat-centric restaurants—such as Nourish Café, which took over the space of butter-heavy Flour and Co. earlier this month in San Francisco.

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