Vegan Wonder Woman Makeup Brushes Unveiled

Luxie Beauty partnered with Warner Bros. to debut the superhero-themed brushes in conjunction with the premiere of Wonder Woman.


California-based vegan company Luxie Beauty partnered with film studio Warner Brothers to create a timely set of cruelty-free, Wonder Woman-themed makeup brushes. The $95 brush set includes both a flat and tapered kabuki brush, a beauty buffer, and a fan brush—all made from high-quality, synthetic fibers. As a bonus, the set includes a compact mirror emblazoned with Wonder Woman’s signature shield. Luxie describes the set as “a reminder to women about their unique power, confidence, and bravery to take on every day like Wonder Woman.” Last year, vegan company Storybook Cosmetics released its own set of movie-themed beauty accessories—a Harry Potter-themed brush set that sold out immediately after launching. The Wonder Woman brush set is officially available for purchase starting today, and the new remake of film Wonder Woman premieres nationwide Friday, June 2.

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