<i>Biggest Loser</i> Turns to Plants to Lose Weight for Good

Biggest Loser Turns to Plants to Lose Weight for Good

After gaining back all of the weight she lost and more, Jessica Limpert joins the cast of new show The Big Fat Truth to fend off the pounds for good on a plant-based diet.


The Biggest Loser Season 12 contestant Jessica Limpert adopted a plant-based diet to end her battle with weight. Prior to joining The Biggest Loser cast, Limpert weighed 254 pounds—then lost 80 pounds during the duration of the show, through extreme dieting and frequent exercise. Limpert went on to work as a personal trainer for the show—along with fellow contestant and fiancé Ramon Medeiros—and lost another 32 pounds. Shortly thereafter, Limpert began gaining back the weight she had lost, eventually weighing in at 323 pounds. Last fall, Limpert agreed to appear on a new show The Big Fat Truth produced by JD Roth—the executive producer of The Biggest Loser. On the show, she was challenged to adopt a plant-based diet and has maintained it, losing 24 pounds in the first 10 days and 67 pounds after three months. “I’m so grateful for this new journey because I was ready to give up,” Limpert says. “It sounds trite, but I really am so much more focused now on my health, rather than my weight.” Limpert now dines on vegetables, legumes, quinoa, and tofu, and says “meat just doesn’t feel right for my body anymore.” The Big Fat Truth will premiere on wellness network Z Living on June 11, with weekly episodes featuring contestants from all walks of life that adopt a plant-based diet for the purpose of achieving optimal health.