Documentary About Vegan Music Legends Debuts in 2018

Musicians from Fall Out Boy, The Veronicas, and Rob Zombie all make guest appearances in new film Taking Note.


New vegan music-themed documentary Taking Note will debut next year. The film is produced by founder of UK-based online music publication Hit the Floor Magazine (HTF), Chris Hines, who was inspired to go vegetarian in 2002 after watching the video for Goldfinger’s song “Meet Your Meat”—wherein graphic slaughterhouse footage is interspersed with animal-rights themes. In the film, Hines (now vegan) interviews musicians across genres—including Against Me’s bassist Inge Johnsson, Rob Zombie’s guitarist Matt “Piggy D” Montgomery, The Veronicas’ twin sister duo Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, along with many more—to discover their motivation for eschewing animal products and how doing so has influenced the music they produce. “My hope for this film is that by other people hearing how important veganism is from the musicians themselves and learning about their stories,” Hines says, “hopefully it will influence them in the same way it did me.” As part of his interview in the film, musician Andy Hurley—from the band Fall Out Boy—explains that his journey to veganism stemmed from his interest in human-rights issues. “It just followed that if I’m into human-rights issues and political issues like that,” Hurley said, “it’s an ethical obligation to extend that to all life.” Hines has been producing Taking Note since last May and plans to premiere it exclusively on HTF early next year.

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