Guinness Record-Holding Teacher Goes Vegan

Guinness Record-Holding Teacher Goes Vegan

California teacher Jerry Knox dribbled two basketballs while running the London marathon to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.


California teacher and long distance runner Jerry Knox broke the Guinness World Record for dribbling two basketballs while running a full marathon in London this April. Knox has been a geography teacher and cross-country running coach at Walnut High School for 22 years, and tells VegNews that he has been transitioning to veganism since January. The impressive athlete currently holds several world records—including jumping rope throughout an entire marathon—and often wears costumes while running to inspire his students to live physically active lives. Knox teaches his students about the environmental impact of animal agriculture with the use of self-deprecating humor. “I know for a fact a few students over the years have become vegetarians because of my class,” Knox said, adding, “Do I miss meat and dairy? No, I like my finish times and flat stomach too much.” Last weekend, Knox completed a 100-mile marathon in Riverside, CA and plans to beat the world record for skipping a marathon in the future.

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