Potato-Based Vegan Milk Debuts in China

Potato-Based Vegan Milk Debuts in China

Vegan milk brand Veggemo is now available for the largely lactose intolerant population of China.


Global Gardens Group (GGG)—parent company of vegan milk brand Veggemo—partnered with import corporation V-Power to begin distribution of its products in China this week. “China represents a fantastic opportunity for Veggemo,” GGG’s CEO Rob Harrison said, “not only for its market size, but additionally [for] 90% of Chinese adults [who] are lactose intolerant.” Canada-based Veggemo—which expanded its distribution to the US in February—currently has three plant-based milk flavors on the market made from a combination of vegetables including cassava root, potato, and pea protein. Under the distribution partnership, the company will be required to sell 76,471 gallons of its plant-based milk in 2017 in the Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu regions. While the dairy industry has experienced a downturn in recent years, the global plant-based milk market is expected to soar to $35 billion by 2024.

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