Punk Rock Drummer Rolls Out Vegan Food Truck

Punk Rock Drummer Rolls Out Vegan Food Truck

David Witte from thrash band Municipal Waste will be serving vegan cheese-slathered chimichangas streetside in Richmond, VA.


Thrash band Municipal Waste’s drummer David Witte, along with girlfriend April Viar, opened a new vegan food truck in Richmond, VA today. The Go Go Vegan Go truck serves dishes developed by 30-year vegetarian Viar and include homemade cashew-based cheese, paninis, chimichangas covered in cheese sauce, burgers, and chocolate confections for dessert. “She’s a great home cook,” Witte said. “She’s always cooked for me and we figured, you know, let’s do this.” While Witte is not vegan, he has been eating mostly a plant-based diet while on tour with his band. “I eat less and less meat as I age,” Witte said, “and to get down to it, vegan cuisine is far from what it used to be—it’s not a microwaved Morning Star, there’s so many options.” Viar will helm the food truck all summer—scheduled to appear at various venues around Richmond—while Witte plays the Warped Tour with Municipal Waste until August. On the other side of the country, vegan cafe Jet Black Coffee is bringing a punk music vibe to the Gateway neighborhood of Portland, OR.

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