Vegan Condom Brand Debuts in Switzerland

Green Condom Club’s contraceptives are the first to bear a vegan label in Europe.


Swiss chemical engineer Gabrielle Lods launched vegan contraceptives brand Green Condom Club last month. Lods—who also makes menstrual cups and cloth diapers—was inspired to create a natural latex vegan condom to provide a better alternative to traditional varieties which are often tested on animals and contain casein (a milk derivative). “Once I realized the lack of transparency in the industry,” Lods tells VegNews, “especially with regards to the ingredients used, I committed to launch my own brand to provide condoms with non-toxic, transparent, and clear ingredients.” Lods’ condoms are the first product of its kind to receive vegan certification by the European Vegetarian Union and are priced to be competitive with other brands. Green Condom Club’s contraceptives are currently only available online but will soon be distributed to pharmacies and other retail stores in Europe.

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