Vegan to Ride Bike Across Europe to Raise Awareness

Vegan to Ride Bike Across Europe to Raise Awareness

This summer, Jackson Long will cycle over Europe’s biggest landmarks to promote plant-based athletics and bring awareness to animal suffering.


Vegan world traveler Jackson Long will embark on a bicycle trip across Europe to raise money (through a donation page) for animal-rights organization Mercy for Animals (MFA) this summer. Long has raced bicycles professionally for 10 years in Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Belgium, and says that while he is knowledgeable about the health benefits of a vegan diet, this voyage will help promote the ethical side of the lifestyle. “We live in such a disconnected world,” Long said, “and I deeply desire a society more educated on the ethology of farmed animals and beyond so that we can gain a higher level of compassion and respect for all beings.” Long will document his journey on his social media channels and plans to educate those he encounters on the way about the benefits of going vegan. MFA’s various undercover investigations have been paramount to bringing awareness about the inherent cruelty of animal agriculture and bringing about tangible change. Last year, employees at Chilliwack Cattle Sales—Canada’s largest dairy farm—were fined $75,000 after a MFA investigation uncovered rampant animal cruelty at the facility in 2014.

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