Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Predicted to Boom by 2023

Market research shows that consumers will increasingly buy beauty products that are not tested on animals.


A new report compiled by Market Research Future (MRF) revealed that the global cruelty-free cosmetics industry will grow by a compound annual growth rate of 6.1 percent until 2023. The report named France, the United States, India, Germany, and New Zealand as top exporters of cruelty-free products. MRF’s report points out that beauty consumers around the world are becoming more aware of the cruelty of animal testing and are purchasing more plant-based products to avoid contributing to animal suffering. Last month, beauty brand NARS announced that it would begin selling its formerly cruelty-free products in China—a country that requires animal testing of all cosmetics. The announcement created a social media frenzy, with customers vowing to boycott the brand, including vegan beauty mogul Kat Von D. “There are already non-animal tests that give far more accurate results than testing on animals and supporting that horrible billion dollar industry is criminal,” Von D stated in an Instagram post. “Shame on you for hiding behind such a false marketing statement in order to line your pockets, while countless animals suffer.” Meanwhile, as supported by MRF’s report, cruelty-free brands are thriving, including Von D’s own Kat Von D Beauty—which is currently phasing out all animal products from the brand.

Photo courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty 

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