Mean Girls Vegan Makeup Brush Set Coming Soon

The cult classic film will be the theme of vegan beauty brand Spectrum Collections’ new makeup brush set sold in a “Burn Book” case.


United Kingdom-based vegan beauty brand Spectrum Collections announced last week that it would debut a set of cruelty-free makeup brushes inspired by the film Mean Girls on August 30. The collection—built with the movie’s mean girl crew “The Plastics” in mind—will feature several items including a pink “Burn Book” brush holder, a 10-piece brush set that comes in a miniature Burn Book pouch (which doubles as a handbag), and individual acrylic brush pots. Each brush will be inscribed with a Mean Girls quote, and all items can be shipped internationally. Vegan beauty brands continue to prove that cruelty-free makeup is fun. Recently, Lime Crime released vegan unicorn hair dye, Storybook Cosmetics debuted Harry Potter-themed vegan makeup brushes, and Glamour Dolls Makeup partnered with ‘90s design icon Lisa Frank to create a colorful makeup collection sans animal products.