New Series "The Vegan Road Show USA" Debuts in August

New Series “The Vegan Road Show USA” Debuts in August

The new show will showcase vegan restaurants across the country and feature special correspondent Maggie Taylor—the niece of famed vegan director James Cameron.


New series “The Vegan Road Show USA” will debut online (via its own YouTube channel) at noon on August 12. The show will consist of 22 individually released episodes co-hosted by fitness trainer/actor Mehmet Edip and show creator Sky Valencia, with appearances by acclaimed director James Cameron’s niece, Maggie Taylor. The show will highlight vegan-friendly restaurants across the country with its kickoff episode focusing on SunCafe in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles, where the co-hosts learn about the eatery’s history while dining on vegan tacos, macaroni and cheese, and creamy kale-based shakes. The first episode will also feature a segment in which Taylor visits iconic vegan company Follow Your Heart to discover the secrets behind its vegan cheeses and spreads. “I decided to kick off The Vegan Roadshow USA now because veganism is thriving, and I feel that now more than ever [that] we need to promote veganism and save the planet, as well as stop the massive abuse of innocent animals,” Valencia tells VegNews. After covering the Los Angeles vegan scene (with visits to vegan mainstay eateries such as Crossroads Kitchen, Gracias Madre, and Real Food Daily), the show will head to San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas before branching out across the country. Cameron is currently working on his own vegan project, a new documentary called The Game Changers (scheduled for release this year), which highlights top athletes, soldiers, cultural icons, and everyday people thriving on a plant-based diet.

Photo courtesy of Real Food Daily

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