New Web Series Seeks Best Veggie Dishes in the US

Veggie Hunter visits NYC’s Cinnamon Snail, Blossom, and old-school Italian joint John’s of 12th Street—which recently launched a vegan menu to keep up with the times.


New vegan web series Veggie Hunter—produced by media company Koi Media—began streaming on YouTube last month. The series is hosted by cancer survivor Cynthia Malaran (aka DJ CherishTheLuv) who has used plant-based food and music to heal after undergoing a double mastectomy in 2016. Veggie Hunter follows Malaran on her journey to discover the best vegan dishes across the country, with the first several episodes highlighting eateries in New York. Malaran eats a burger at the brick-and-mortar location of famed food truck Cinnamon Snail, hangs out with Pamela Elizabeth of iconic eatery Blossom, and samples the new vegan menu at New York Italian mainstay John’s of 12th Street—all in an effort to show viewers that vegan food is not only delicious but can be now be found just about anywhere. “Ten years ago it wasn’t easy to have a vegan diet and going out to eat was next to impossible,” Koi Media founder Kamilah Lewis said. “Now there are vegan/vegetarian restaurants popping up everywhere! And not just on the east and west coasts but middle America too!” Another vegan web series, The Vegan Roadie, is currently in its third season and will follow host Dustin Harder as he heads to Italy to explore its plant-based scene this February.

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