Shameless Star Narrates New Animal-Rights PSA

Animal-rights organization Mercy For Animals calls on 17-year-old Emma Kenney from the acclaimed series to lend her voice to save animals.


Actress Emma Kenney—known for her role as Debbie Gallagher on hit Showtime series Shameless—partnered with animal-rights organization Mercy For Animals (MFA) to produce a new public service announcement (PSA) about factory farming. The 17-year-old narrates MFA’s animated video that depicts the cramped conditions to which animals are subjected at factory farms using aerial shots and 3D modeled barns. “I love animals so much, and I want to use my voice to inspire empathy and compassion for them,” Kenney said. The purpose of the PSA—aired exclusively by digital news company NowThis—is to educate viewers about the systemic ways in which factory farms pollute the environment and mistreat animals. “Emma has been very vocal about her love for animals, and she certainly does her fans proud by lending her voice to this important issue,” MFA’s celebrity relations manager Nik Tyler said. “We hope this new PSA will inspire people of all ages to move toward a plant-based diet and away from supporting factory farming, for the sake of the animals and our planet.” Kenney concludes the PSA with a hopeful statement, “The good news is, if we leave animals off our plates, together we can end factory farming.”

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