Tesla Now Exclusively Offers Vegan Seats

In a groundbreaking move, the company has dropped leather from all of its cars before the launch of highly anticipated and affordable Model 3.


Last week, electric car company Tesla Motors eliminated all leather seat options from its vehicles, replacing them with all-vegan materials. The carmaker notably removed all mention of leather on its website, and now only offers “premium” interior options made with synthetic vegan fibers. While vegan seats are now standard, Tesla vehicles come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel that can be made with vegan materials upon request. The car company’s CEO Elon Musk assured that all models—including the affordable Model 3 that will be released this Friday—will come with vegan seats. Tesla shareholders successfully petitioned the company to introduce the “vegan ultra white” interior last year, and Musk expanded the option to all models shortly thereafter, stating that the animal-free material was “the best.” While Tesla’s decision to drop all leather is groundbreaking, several other car companies—including Bentley and Ferrari—have developed animal-free interiors to meet growing customer demand for more vegan options.

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