UK Gets its First Organic Vegan Recipe Boxes

UK Gets its First Organic Vegan Recipe Boxes

Vegan delivery service Plant Curious launches to help families bond over plant-based cooking.


Vegan recipe box company Plant Curious debuted Monday as the first organic, plant-based service of its kind in the United Kingdom. Husband-and-wife team Woj and Angela Gawor founded the health-conscious company to continue the legacy of Angela’s father Richard—who was diagnosed with cancer and chose to fight the disease with plant-based foods in lieu of medication. “Our focus is simple,” Woj Gawor said, “to help people to discover new flavors, experiment with new ways of cooking through eating more plants, and at the same time educate our customers on the variety, sustainability, ecology, and beauty of a plant-based diet.” The couple believes that plant-based foods should not be relegated to a side dish and hopes that Plant Curious helps customers put them at the center of meals. “Cooking and eating together as a family has been lost, yet it is one of the single strongest forces in keeping a family happy, healthy, and together,” Woj Gawor said. “Our hope is that we can play a part in helping other families find health and wellness through plant-based cooking.” Currently, the company is selling a limited number of 100 boxes—which include organic ingredients sourced mostly from veganic farms and recipes for Samurai Miso Ramen, Ruby Vurry (a vibrant curry), and Loaded Sweet Pots—to customers in the UK and has plans to expand its distribution to Germany and Poland within the next two months. In May, London-based vegan meal delivery service AllPlants closed an investment round of $1 million—the largest capital round ever raised by a plant-based company in the region—to help grow its menu and delivery capacity across the UK.

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