“Wagyu” Cows Fed Expired Milk Chocolate

“Japanese-style” cows are fed a mix of expired Cadbury’s milk chocolates, other candy, and cookies—in amounts that are the human equivalent of one bar of chocolate per day.


A “Japanese-style” breed of cows (referred to as “wagyu”) at the Mayura Station feedlot in southern Australia are routinely fed milk chocolate—a product derived from a different set of exploited cows. According to media outlet Forbes, the cows are fed two kilograms (4.4 pounds) of expired Cadbury’s milk chocolates, cookies, and other candy daily for the last two months of their lives to alter the flavor of their flesh—which amounts to the human equivalent of consuming one chocolate bar per day. Feeding cows unnatural diets such as candy to fatten them for slaughter is not an uncommon practice. In January, an overturned truck in Wisconsin filled with Skittles was found to be headed to a cow feeding lot to be used as “cheap carbs” in animal feed.