Wolfgang Puck Develops New Recipes to Impress Vegans

The world-renowned chef increases vegan options with a specially crafted, cashew cream-slathered gnocchi dish.


Acclaimed chef Wolfgang Puck recently shared a recipe for his Vegan Gnocchi with Mushrooms, Garlic, and Cashew Cream Sauce with media outlet Tribune Content Agency. Puck developed the recipe—which includes packaged gnocchi cooked, cashews, and store-bought vegan parmesan—with vegan diners in mind. “With veganism gaining an ever-higher profile,” Puck said, “it’s only natural that my chefs and I get more and more frequent requests for vegan dishes.” The chef revealed that he and his team are enjoying the development of recipes to appease growing demands for plant-based options. “Now, you might think that we’d find it challenging to prepare delicious, even luxurious-tasting food following such restrictions,” Puck said. “But, in fact, more and more products are widely available that make vegan cooking not only possible but actually a pleasure.” Global chefs are also adding more cruelty-free options to their menus, including Houston-based Chris Shepherd, who added a vegan-friendly burger made with the Impossible Burger patty to his two Texas restaurants—Underbelly and Hay Merchant—last month.

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