Al Gore's New "Resign Trump" Video Promotes Veganism

Al Gore’s New “Resign Trump” Video Promotes Veganism

A new viral video interview with the eco-warrior politician promotes consuming a plant-based diet to fight climate change.


In a viral video released by media outlet LAD Bible last week, environmentalist and former United States Vice President Al Gore offered his advice on halting climate change. In the video, Gore speaks about the impending dangers of climate change and his new film An Inconvenient Truth Sequel—which did not give much air time to the concept of plant-based diets helping to curb climate change. “The large carbon polluters have put more than a billion dollars into an effort to try to deceive people into thinking [climate change] is not real” Gore said, relating the current climate of what he calls “climate change deniers” to the unethical tactics used by the tobacco industry in recent history to convince the public smoking was not dangerous. “Diet is personal choice, but I have been a vegan for five years now,” Gore said. “We have to walk before we can run, and I concentrate on the solutions to the climate crisis that I think can be advanced quickly,” Gore said when advocating for a plant-based diet to fight climate change. “I know how passionately people feel about cheeseburgers and steaks, the various things that I used to eat.” In the same video, when asked, “If you had to give Trump once piece of advice, what would it be?” Gore emphatically responded with “resign.” The Trump administration has continually denied the existence of climate change and implemented policies—such as Trump’s recent decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, a worldwide climate change accountability contract—that promote the continual degradation of the environment.