Australian <i>Earthlings</i> to Debut in 2018

Australian Earthlings to Debut in 2018

New vegan documentary Dominion will expose the exploitation of animals in Australia to a wide audience.


New vegan film Dominion—billed as the Australian version of acclaimed American film Earthlings—will debut in March 2018. The film is animal-rights organization Aussie Farm’s feature-length sequel to its 2014 pig-farming documentary Lucent and features heart-wrenching footage of the human exploitation of animals in six distinct ways: as food, pets, entertainment, wildlife, clothing, and lab-tested subjects. “The film will question the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom,” Aussie Farms stated in conjunction with the debut of the film’s trailer last week. This year has been a hit for vegan films, including What the Health, which debuted on Netflix in May and has since been credited for inspiring a host of celebrities and several NFL players to adopt a plant-based diet

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