New Plant-Based Culinary Course Comes to Florida

McFatter Technical School launches its first plant-based cooking course to prepare future chefs to work in the growing plant-based restaurant industry.


On Monday, Florida-based McFatter Technical School will launch its first plant-based culinary program. The two-prong program—which includes courses on food preparation and restaurant cooking techniques—was developed by Patti Lang, a long-time educator at the school. “Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are growing in popularity as the public becomes aware of various health issues which can be prevented or improved by consuming a plant-based diet,” Lang said. “Not to mention that it is beneficial to our planet. Trendy plant-based restaurants are opening all around the country, and it’s catching on in Miami and Fort Lauderdale as well.” Students who complete the six-month program—which includes learning to make nut milks, pastas, and baked goods, along with nutrition education and recipe writing—will receive industry credentials to help them obtain employment in the growing plant-based sector. On the West Coast, the University of California, Berkeley launched its first semester-long course this year aimed to inspire students to bioengineer plant-based proteins to replace animal products.

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