Vegan Chickpea Snack Brand Makes $1 Million Per Month

Vegan Chickpea Snack Brand Makes $1 Million Per Month

HIPPEAS founder reveals that the vegan chickpea snacks sold 2.3 million bags at Starbucks in the last 12 months.


In a recent interview with media outlet Foodnavigator, vegan chickpea-based snack brand HIPPEAS founder Livio Bisterzo revealed that his company will make $1 million revenue for the month of September. At Starbucks alone, the brand sold 2.3 million single-serve bags of its puffed chickpea snacks in the previous 12 months, and Bisterzo predicts revenue to jump to $20 million per month by next year. “It’s pretty clear that this could be a $100-million-dollar brand in the next three to five years,” Bisterzo said, relying on the brand’s upcoming expansion to Target and more international markets such as Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Tesco to drive sales. In May, HIPPEAS received capital funding from both investment firm Strand Equity Partners and award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio to help the company maintain momentum amid a growing demand for plant-based—and particularly chickpea-based—snacks.

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