Vegan Company Launches “Chucky” Bath Bombs

Thanks to beauty company Loquita, cruelty-free (but terrifying) bath products can be yours in time for Halloween.


Ahead of Halloween, vegan company Loquita Bath and Body has launched a series of horror movie-themed bath bombs. The brand—known previously for its Mexican food-inspired bath bombs—debuted several ‘90s-themed bath products earlier this month to evoke the spirit of the spooky holiday, including the “Chuckie” (based on the “Chucky” doll from the film Child’s Play) and a purple lip-shaped bomb (that dissolves to reveal a toy scorpion) inspired by Nancy Down’s final scene in the cult thriller The Craft. Loquita founder Mira Perez revealed that 20 more throwback bath bombs are on the way, and all will be vegan. “I am a huge animal lover!” Perez told media outlet HelloGiggles. “To me, that is a huge reason to choose vegan and cruelty-free products.” Several companies are launching vegan beauty products with a nostalgic twist, including United Kingdom-based brand Spectrum Collections, which is set to debut its Mean Girls-inspired vegan makeup brush set on August 30.