"Vegan Mac Down" Lands in Carolinas for the First Time

“Vegan Mac Down” Lands in Carolinas for the First Time

South Carolina chefs will be challenged to create prizeworthy vegan macaroni and cheese during the Vegan Mac Down competition hosted by Vegan Outreach.


On September 10, nonprofit group Vegan Outreach will host its first vegan macaroni and cheese competition. Titled the “Vegan Mac Down,” the event will bring area chefs to Columbia, SC to challenge them to recreate the comfort food favorite sans animal products. “Everyone loves mac and cheese but most people have never tried a vegan version,” Vegan Outreach South Carolina coordinator Stacy Shepanek told local media outlet Free Times. “I guarantee that many of these entries will be even better than their dairy-based counterparts—many people can’t even tell the difference!” Shepanek explained that hosting these events helps people dispel the myth that going vegan is difficult or unappetizing. “Many people know about the impact meat and dairy has on our planet, our health, and on the animals, but they don’t realize how delicious and easy eating vegan can be,” Shepanek said, “and we like to provide opportunities for people to experience it for themselves, so that’s why we’re hosting these mac downs.” Vegan Outreach hosted similar events in California, Ohio, New Mexico, and Colorado, with other vegan competitions taking place across the country thanks to the efforts of animal-rights group US Veg Corp.

Photo courtesy of Daiya Foods

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