Dairy No Longer the Default in Australian Cafés

While dairy consumption continues to decline, plant-based milks are becoming the preferred base for lattes and smoothies.


A recent feature published by Australian media outlet Adelaide Now revealed that dairy milk is no longer the default option at several Australian coffee shops. “Almond, coconut, soy, and even nut blends like cashew and brazil have well and truly made their way onto local menus,” writer Jessica Gellatly poses, “so some café staff are asking those who don’t specify a choice whether it is dairy milk they’re after.” At eatery Nutrition Republic, plant-based milk is becoming the most popular base of choice among customers, owner Nicole Sumracki said. “Also, we’re finding people are loving non-dairy alternatives in chai lattes or golden (turmeric) lattes,” Sumracki said. “It just really enhances the flavour of the product.” Jyoti Bindu, owner of Café Pollen 185, confirms Sumracki’s observation and said that she’s “noticed a real shift.” A Google trend report published earlier this year revealed that “vegan” was the top searched dietary term in Australia in 2016.

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