Danielle Brooks Cooks Vegan Mac and Cheese on <i>The Chew</i>

Danielle Brooks Cooks Vegan Mac and Cheese on The Chew

The Orange is the New Black star went on daytime television to discuss her commitment to cooking only plant-based foods.


Actress Danielle Brooks—who plays lead character “Taystee” on popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black—appeared this week on ABC’s daytime cooking show The Chew. The star adopted a plant-based diet two months ago and has enjoyed cooking her own vegan meals, including an impressive vegan macaroni and cheese that she prepared with the hosts on the show.“I like to eat,” the Southern-born actress told the hosts, “but I was never taught how to eat properly, how food is fuel, so this is my way of teaching myself how to eat properly, how to eat to live, I guess.” Brooks frequently posts her plant-based, home-cooked meals to her social media accounts, which have included Pad Thai, pasta loaded with tempeh, and vegan gingerbread.

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