Former Dairy Brand Debuts Aquafaba Egg Replacer

New York-based Elmhurst launches new vegan products such as a packaged, easy-to-use egg replacer made from bean brine.


A new vegan egg replacer—tentatively called “Elmhurst Milked Aquafaba”—is set to debut in February 2018. Newly vegan brand Elmhurst operated as a dairy facility in New York for 90 years before current CEO Henry Schwartz transformed the brand to produce only plant-based products. With the expertise of culinary innovator Cheryl Mitchell, Ph.D, Schwartz re-launched the brand—now called Elmhurst Milked—in March. Elmhurst Milked Aquafaba—shown above in its non-final packaging—is made from two ingredients (chickpeas and water) and can be used in both savory and sweet preparations in place of egg whites. “With our focus on more sustainable, plant-based foods,” Mitchell tells Vegnews, “it only seemed natural to look toward a primary food source as a solution: chickpeas. Aquafaba has the amazing ability to replicate egg whites in a wide variety of applications like egg-free meringue, mayonnaise, marshmallows, batter, and more.” The new aquafaba egg replacer will join the company’s existing line of four nut-based vegan milks—Milked Almonds, Milked Cashews, Milked Walnuts, and Milked Hazelnuts. Elmhurst also plans to launch several new vegan beverages in the coming months, including Milked Oats, Milked Brown Rice, Milked Peanuts, and Milked Peanuts-Chocolate.

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