New Line of Vegan Pea Protein Milk Hits Shelves

North America’s largest producer of baby carrots adds a new line of calcium-rich vegan milk.


California-based Bolthouse Farms—the largest producer of baby carrots in North America—announced this week the launch of its new line of vegan milk. The new Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk is available in four flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, Unsweetened, and Original) and contains 50 percent more calcium than cow’s milk and 10 grams of pea protein per serving. “Our Plant Protein Milk was created to satisfy the growing number of consumers seeking plant-based proteins,” Bolthouse’s Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer Suzanne Ginestro said, “as well as traditional dairy-milk drinkers looking for better food choices that are also rich in calcium.” Fellow California-based brand Ripple Foods launched a similar pea protein-based milk line in 2016 and has since launched vegan half & half and children-friendly vegan milks, and plans to debut Greek yogurt, cheese, and ice cream in the coming months. Bolthouse’s new vegan milk line is currently shipping to Kroger, Safeway, and other distributors nationwide.

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