Scottish Politicians Back Nationwide Vegan Challenge

Members of Parliaments across political parties are supporting a motion that links climate change to animal agriculture and encourages Scots to adopt a plant-based diet.


Scotland Green Party member Mark Ruskell lodged an official motion this week with the Scottish Parliament to acknowledge the efforts of The Vegan Society in its seven-day vegan challenge entitled “Plate Up for the Planet.” The Vegan Society Head of Campaigns and Policy Louise Davies said, “the ‘Plate Up for the Planet’ campaign aims to get veganism on the political agenda, especially when it comes to tackling climate change.” The motion, in part, asks Parliament to agree “that, globally, the livestock industry generates as much greenhouse gasses as all transport combined” and to acknowledge “that going vegan is one of the most significant steps that a person can take to reduce their contribution to climate change.” The motion has thus far received support from Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) across political parties, which will be tasked with voting for new measures regarding greenhouse gas emissions for the country’s upcoming climate change bill. “While we are seeing more and more individuals embrace veganism through their own education,” Davies said, “it’s crucial that politicians develop policy that will lead to a greener, more compassionate future, so huge congratulations to these MSPs for leading the way.”

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