Students Develop Vegan Replica of Hard-Boiled Egg

University of Udine master’s students obtain a patent for the cholesterol-free, ready-to-eat egg that features a wholly plant-based white and yolk.


Four students enrolled in the Food Science and Technology master’s program at the University of Udine in Italy announced last week that they have developed an exact replica of a hard-boiled egg crafted from all-vegan ingredients. Students Francesca Zuccolo, Greta Titton, Arianna Roi, and Aurora Gobessi spent one year formulating the egg, which they made from various legume-derived flours, vegetable oils, a sulfurous vegan salt, and a plant-based gelling agent. The university granted the gluten- and cholesterol-free egg its 100th patent. In the coming weeks, the university will enter into negotiations with companies to ascertain interest in turning the egg into a consumer product. Stateside, Follow Your Heart launched its revolutionary VeganEgg product in 2015 and Hampton Creek will debut its vegan egg replacer, Just Scramble, in the coming months.

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