Dairy Brand Debuts Vegan Protein Powder for Kids

Sneakz Organic—known best for its dairy-based milkshakes—is fulfilling customer demand for non-dairy, child-friendly products.


Nutrition company Sneakz Organic launched vegan protein powders specifically aimed at active children. The company—known for its dairy-based milkshake line—is developing the new vegan product to fulfill consumer demand for dairy-free, nutrient-dense products. “We’re going to develop a non-dairy version of our ready-to-drink products,” Sneakz CEO Jeff Robbins told Foodnavigator-USA, “but we started with the vegan powders, as we were able to incorporate probiotics into them as well, which is something our customers were asking for.” The company is also developing non-dairy products for seniors that it plans to launch next year. Brands that formerly offered only dairy-based products are now expanding their lines to include plant-based offerings, such as Finish dairy giant Valio, which plans to debut an entire line of vegan oat-based yogurts and beverages across Scandinavia this spring.

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