Vegan Egg Replacer Just Scramble Debuts in Hong Kong

Hampton Creek’s newest vegan product—mung bean-based egg replacer Just Scramble—makes its international debut at vegan grocery store Green Common.


Food technology company JUST (formerly Hampton Creek) debuted its newest product, Just Scramble in Hong Kong. The company’s egg replacer—which originally debuted to the public late last year at San Francisco eatery Flore and is made from a mung-bean protein sustainably sourced from several parts of the world, including Asia—mimics that of its animal-based counterpart. Just Scramble partnered with Hong Kong-based vegan-friendly grocery chain Green Common to introduce the product to the Asian market and will be featured in two prepared vegan dishes: Just Scramble Teriyaki Bowl (served over mixed grains and vegetables) and All Day Just Scramble (which features Just Scramble prepared simply as scrambled eggs served with avocado, baked beans, and toast). JUST plans to expand the distribution of Just Scramble to mainland China, India, and Japan. The technology company also plans to debut its first clean-meat product (meat made from a small amount of animal cells in a laboratory setting) by the end of 2018.

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